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About Us


About Us

You start the engine and your adventure begins

Cargenix Enterprise Inc was created on the sole principle that every single customer deserves to be treated like a VIP. Our company mantra has always been “Committed to Perfection”.

Founded in 2011, our management team has hired, trained, and managed an extremely talented and dedicated team of professionals that continue to exceed our vision, goals, and customer expectations.

Over the years, Cargenix Enterprise Inc has grown from a one vehicle limousine company to a full service worldwide executive ground Car & Truck Rental service. We provide transportation to a wide range of clientele and use every type of vehicle available in our industry.

We continually update our operations with the latest technologies, vehicles and training to ensure each client receives our continued “Commitment to Perfection.” Cargenix Enterprise Inc has become one of the most innovative livery organizations in the industry, and we’re proud to cater to our clients’ every need.

Cargenix Enterprise Inc is honored to employ the most talented, dedicated, customer service focused staff in the entire livery industry, from dispatch and reservations to chauffeurs and managers.

Our clients tell us often how much they appreciate our team, and we couldn’t agree more. We invite YOU to experience the true meaning of luxury and Cargenix’s “Commitment to Perfection”, From all of us at Team Cargenix , Thank You.

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Have a safe, quick, and the best ride with Cargenix Enterprise Inc. We intend to provide you with an amazing customer service experience.
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